Since his education at the Tilburg Academy of Fine Arts Verstraten is interested in graphic techniques like etching and monotype. In recent years the monotype became an important element of his oeuvre. With the help of a glass plate, paint, linoleum roller and paper a new world is created. This technique offers Verstraten a new possibility to explore the world of art. The monotypes are not isolated, there is a similarity in subject and form with his paintings and sculptures. His other work and his environment are sources of inspiration.

The monotypes are all unique. They are not printed in series as is usual for most graphic techniques. Interesting in this technique is the unpredictable element in printing. His experience gives the artist control however there is always an element of coincidence. Verstraten uses simple images and his palette is reduced to black, white and earth colours. The adding of text, often mirrored, adds to the mysterious character.

Verstraten is not bonded by the monotype technique to enhance the strength of the picture. He takes the liberty to combine it with other materials and techniques. As a result of this painted parts can co-exist with printed parts or they can be combined in collage.

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