Verstratens figurative and abstract sculptures are moulded in bronze. While sketching on paper and searching in clay an idea evolves. This develops until the work reaches its definite shape. Starting point for the sculptures are themes in which the human is subject. They often are modest and frozen characters. The work is not an exact copy of nature but an impression.

'United' features different, strongly abstracted figures. A universal feeling of being together is sculptured in all its simplicity, everything redundant is eliminated. The bodies are united by the artist. The stretched vertical shape refers to a process of growth, a continuous process which forms the base for every human relation. Through the individual base every figure keeps its own identity.

‘Double figure’ and ‘Surrender’ show an exciting play of open and closed forms.

The artist plays in his recent ‘pillar groups’ in cor-ten steel with ribbons of people folded around pillars. The separate sculptures are also presented in various surprising combinations.